My Final 29 Predictions in Review

Before the final 29 games of the Pittsburgh Penguins season, I made some bold predictions about how the remainder of the season would pan out. Although my predictions were “educated,” I was quite unsure as to how things would really turn out. After all, picking games that far in advance is pretty much a crap shoot and I would have been happy if I would have batted .500.

That is why I’m happy.

My final 29 prediction record ended up at a positive 15-14. Let’s take a look at what I predicted and what really happened.

Prediction– In the final 29 games, Pittsburgh will go 17-10-2, earning 26 points.

Reality– The Pens finished 21-6-2, earning 44 points.

Prediction– Pittsburgh will go 11-5-1 at home and 6-5-1 on the road.

Reality– The Pens finished 14-3-0 at home and 7-3-2 on the road.

Prediction– The Pens will finish the season with a final record of 47-29-6 with a total of 100 points.

Reality– Pittsburgh finished the season with a record of 51-25-6 and a total of 108 points.

Prediction– The longest win streak of the final 29 games would be a string of four games (starting Feb. 19 at Buffalo and ending against Dallas on Feb. 29 against Dallas).

Reality– The longest win streak for Pittsburgh in the final 29 games lasted 11 games (starting on Feb. 21 against the Rangers and ending on March 18 against Philadelphia).

Prediction– Pittsburgh will not lose more than two games in a row for the remainder of the season.

Reality– The Pens did not lose more than two games in a row in the final 29.

It turns out the Penguins did much better than I predicted, but there is one asterisk next to what a saw in my crystal ball. Everything I predicted was under the assumption that Sidney Crosby wouldn’t return until the regular season had ended. As it turns out, Crosby returned on the 16th game of the final 29. He added some substantial pop to the lineup when it came to scoring and that helped the team win more games. Without Crosby, I’m unsure the team would have done as well as it did.

About Pete Dombrosky
Pete is a graduate of Penn State University and a life-long Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan. He covered men's hockey, golf, tennis, swimming and the enterprise beat as a reporter at the Daily Collegian, Penn State's award-winning, independent student-operated paper. He currently serves as the Managing Editor for Thrillist Media Group (

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