A quick thought on Tiger Woods: major or bust

I’ll make this quick…

Tiger Woods captured his second victory of the year yesterday at the Memorial. He looked like the vintage Tiger, coming from four shots back to climb to the top of the leader board by day’s end.

Oh, and he did this en-route to taking the lead.

Boy, it sure is nice to see him making shots like that again.

But Tiger is not “back.”


As impressive as the victory was, this tournament was not a major. That’s how the true greats are measured and that’s how Tiger measures his own success.

We saw a similar scenario unfold earlier this year when he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, followed by his worst performance ever at the Masters as a pro when he tied for 40th.

Now, we are only 10 days away from the U.S. Open, Tiger’s next chance to win his 15th major.

If he wins it, then I’ll be willing to say he’s truly “back.”

If not, we’ll have to wait until the Open Championship in July to have the same conversation.

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